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Thinking about fostering - what is it like to be a foster carer?

What is it like to be a foster carer?

Our foster carers tell us that fostering changes the lives of carers and their families, as well as the young people in their care. Many foster for a number years and go on to have long-lasting relationships with the children they have cared for.

This is what our foster carers say:

‘By fostering for your local authority, you help to keep children within their local community.’

‘The support we have received from our initial email enquiry to foster, to our approval has been amazing.’

‘Everyone involved in our dream to become foster parents have been supportive and encouraging, even when times have been hard we have had the support from our supervising social worker and our dedicated buddy. They are both literally a phone call away.’

‘To make a positive difference in a child’s life, it is a rewarding life decision for all the family and extended family.’

‘Having a young child placed with us and watching them flourish and grow into an independent individual, is the best part of fostering. It also keeps the child in the local area; I wish I'd done it sooner.’

‘Watching them bloom! Local children need local placements in order to keep in touch with their families and friends.’

‘It’s the best thing that we have ever done and we wish that we had done it years ago!’

‘We foster to give young people the same chances and opportunities our own kids have. We love to see them grow in confidence and become part of our family. It is the most rewarding thing we as a family have done it gives us such pleasure and we couldn't image life without fostering.’

‘This morning as I took our young man to school I saw the huge impact of being able to keep our young people living locally. As we drove across the city he asked if we could put Signal One on the radio. He popped it on and immediately started singing to the adverts Amanda for Blinds and Wayne Walker and his face lit up. He happily sang to every song and adverts the whole way to school. It’s the small things that can make the biggest difference to their day sometimes and it certainly made my morning.’

‘Our main reason for choosing Stoke-on-Trent City Council is our sincere belief in the importance of maintaining a child’s roots as much as possible. I like knowing I am supporting our local community, and helping to keep a child as close as possible to whatever family they have available to them. Family first, these children need to know their lives, past and present have value’.

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